GC Distilled Biodiesel is the purest and most consistent form of biodiesel fuel available. Distillation involves evaporating the desirable elements of biodiesel and leaving behind minor components that have a higher potential to clog filters. The fuel is then condensed back into its purest form, resulting in superior cold weather performance, the potential for lower carbon intensity scores and a biodiesel that blends easily with petroleum diesel.

Features and Benefits

Superior cold weather performanceDistillation allows the fuel to outperform undistilled biodiesel with a lower Cloud Point in cold weather. Learn more in our distillation white paper here.
Exceptional purity More consistency and better blending.
Feedstock flexibilityMakes cost less susceptible to fluctuations in the commodity markets.
Lower carbon intensity (CI) scoreFeedstock flexibility makes it easier to use raw materials that result in a biodiesel fuel with lower CI scores, which is better for the environment and is incentivized in some markets.  

GC Distilled Biodiesel

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